Anti Vibration Tables

There are various kinds of Anti Vibration tables are made available by us for use in various commercial and industrial applications. The offered tables are a key accessory for high precision equipment. In many instances a balance cannot achieve an accurate reading without being paired with the available table. Depending on the environment and the precision of the balance being used, the table may be required. The offered Anti Vibration Tables are very effective and help in reduction of noise and create a nice noise free environment.  The offered tables are highly attractive and made using various kinds of high quality stuff for a high durability.
Product Image (MH 05)

Vibration Isolated Table Top Platform

  • Size : 400-500,500-600
  • Reduces : Vibrations
  • Weight : 200 kg
  • Color : Green
  • Brand : Bilz
  • Frequency : 8 to 12 Hz

Product Image (MH 04)

Anti Vibrating Table and Platform

  • Weight : 250 to 2800 kg
  • Material : Mild Steel
  • Bench Height : 760 mm
  • Granite Thickness : 100-500 mm
  • Working Surface : Standard 760 mm
  • Brand : Bilz


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