Anti Vibration Mounts

We manufacture a complete line of Anti Vibration Mountings or AV Mountings. There are various sizes and load capacities to meet any application. Our professional team maintains great technical prospects in the work. We bring the best suitable anti vibration mounting for your requirements. Our mounts give protection from shocks and vibrations etc. They are perfect for many machine installations. Our products are simple-to-install, economical & efficient. We have right solutions for small to medium machines. Our systems are designed for reduced noise and enhanced vibration control. These mountings are used in workshop machinery, screens, textile and pharmaceutical machines, pump sets, food processing machines, and other industrial. We keep up with various specifications, applications & industrialized needs.
Product Image (MH03)

Bilz - Anti Vibration Wedge Mount

Price: 400 INR/Unit
  • Product Type:Anti vibration mounts
  • Size:Min 105X55 mm to Max 500X600 mm, Min 105X55 mm to Max 500X600 mm
  • Application:Injection Molding Machines, HMC, VMC, CNC, Grinding Machines, Press Machines etc
  • Material:Iron, Rubber
  • Function:Reduce Noise, Vibration, Shocks
  • Color:Green - Gray
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Bilz Leveling Pads

Price: Customized INR/Unit

Size : Min dia 60 mm to Max Dia 250 mm Brand : Bilz Color : Gray and Green Finishing : Powder Coated, Painted Load Capacity : Min 300 kg / unit to max 15 ton / unit Temperature : -20 DC to +120 DC


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